Providence, Rhode Island
[email protected]

11/16/19 @ Cold Spring Hollow (Belchertown)
12/28/19 @ Willimantic Records (Willimantic)
01/23/19 @ Black Lace (Providence)
02/13/19 @ AS220 (Providence)

The music in these pieces are arrangements of cut-up harsh and glitch sounds.

The music in these pieces are brief glitch and harsh wave patterns.


Will Mk is an experimental composer and improviser. He focuses on arranging fragments of harsh, percussive, and amusical sound into complex and unusual patterns. Will has been making music since the mid-90s as part of the DIY communities in Cleveland, Kansas City, and Portland, Ore.

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10/21/19 @ Twin Sisters (San Antonio)
10/20/19 @ 523 Thompson (Austin)
10/05/19 @ Sonorium (Salem)
10/12/19 @ AS220 (Providence)
09/07/19 @ NE Noise Fest (Worcester)
08/16/19 @ DAP (Boston)
08/01/19 @ H0L0 (New York)
06/01/19 @ Thought//Forms (Denver)
05/02/19 @ News Cafe (Pawtucket)
04/10/19 @ AS220 (Providence)
03/09/19 @ Crunch House (New Haven)
02/22/19 @ Xfest (Worcester)
01/28/19 @ OBriens (Boston) 
01/17/19 @ Rhizome (Washington DC)
12/21/18 @ Crunch House (New Haven)
11/30/18 @ Psychic Readings (Providence)
10/14/18 @ Mudlark Theater (New Orleans)

06/07/19 -- MULTIVAC: Someday
02/09/19 -- SLEEPING BLOOD: P9ei3pT6qX
02/06/19 -- MULTIVAC: The Dead Past
11/15/18 -- MULTIVAC: Franchise
09/18/18 -- MULTIVAC: Question

01/15/19 -- Comp: Noisecave Vol 1

I owe everything to the people who dream, develop, and build these instruments and devices: Rucci Maximal Drone, Rucci 16-Step CV Sequencer, Death by Audio Waveformer Destroyer MkII, Red Panda Particle, Red Panda Tensor, Hikari Monos CV, Roland Kaoss Pad Mini 2s, Saturnworks custom kill switch, Saturnworks custom A/B switch, Saturnworks A/B sum/split, Tascam DR-40, Steinberg Wavelab